Exercise 1.4 Frame

“Take a good number of shots, composing each shot within a single section of the viewfinder grid. Don’t bother about the rest of the frame!.. When you review the shots, evaluate the whole frame, not just the section you’ve composed… Select six or eight images that you feel work well as compositions and also together as a set. Add the images to your learning log together with technical information such as camera settings, and one or two lines containing your thoughts and observations.”

All of these images were taken with the camera on auto settings. I put two sets together – one of poppy seed heads which I photographed as a 3×3 grid and one of a cog in the corner of a window, which I photographed with the cog in 4 separate corners of the frame.

Auto setting meant that the colour varied more than I would have liked from frame to frame. The window set appeals to me because the grid is almost cubist – my brain wants to see the cog actually moving around the window from corner to corner, whereas in reality the whole actual corner is moving around the frame from corner to corner; the cog is in the right place but the window corner isn’t. I only took five of the cog so this grid only has the four images. Exif settings are ISO100, 1/200second, between f4 and f5.

For the poppies, I imagined a 3×3 grid and I photographed a single seed head in each cell. I think it worked quite well, though disregarding the rest of the frame meant I did  have the edge of a poppy petal in one shot. I don’t mind that too much, in fact I think the bottom row could work as a triptych. Looking at the exif data, all images were taken at f5 1/200sec ISO100 which makes me wonder if I accidentally used a different setting to Auto. Note – I wasn’t happy on the lack of resolution on the grid from Photoshop so have redone it.





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