Organising webpages, to-do lists, research plans…

Sometimes it feels like the actual camera holding part of my course is the smallest tip of a very big iceberg. As my research broadens, the iceberg grows. I realised some time ago that my Favourites bar wasn’t doing me any favours and have been looking out for a better way to organise my data that can include more formats. I’m a big user of Wunderlist for simple task-based lists but it’s not efficient for storing data or large numbers of URLs. I had previously used Evernote for longer term storage and planning but it wasn’t fully compatible with Windows 10.

Thanks to the Win10 anniversary update I now have more functionality in some very useful apps. I’ve taken a student subscription to Evernote so I can thrash it for a year and see how we cope with each other. I’m also testing TaskClone, which allows me to squirt out a task list to Wunderlist, as that is better for simple binary tasks and supports reminders better.

So my current setup is along these lines.

Evernote (with web Clipper) for keeping lists of course exercises (as Snaps of the coursenotes, accessible from my phone), lists of blogposts to be written (also sent to Wunderlist), lists of books to read, lists of photographers to look at, assignment feedback, webpages filed under photographer, lists of Evernote tips, also planned to use it for study visit notes with photos (suggested on a Facebook post I made on this subject).


evernote screen
Evernote screenshot



Taskclone to provide an interface between Evernote and Wunderlist

Wunderlist for setting tasks and reminders (this is also my domestic task manager). I also need to migrate some items out of here and into Evernote, as they are not strictly tasks.

Pinterest – for photographic inspiration and ideas. Mainly image based, more critical data is within Evernote. Evernote notebooks can have links to the relevant Pins.

SimpleMind for mindmaps.

I am currently trying out RefMe for references.

Update Aug ’17 – how things change. Evernote I am wedded to, but they have pulled support for WindowsPhone so I am now using an IPhone SE so as not to lose Evernote. Tail wagging the dog. The wonderful Wunderlist is being retired across all platforms in favour of a Microsoft product. I haven’t changed it yet. So Taskclone becomes pointless without Wunderlist. RefMe I loved, but it’s been taken over and replaced by Cite This For Me, which I don’t find as user-friendly or capable. It’s fine for generating the odd reference on the free service, but I may well switch to Word for any writing that needs more than a couple of references.



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