Reflections on Part 1

I found the transition from finishing the Foundations course to starting EYV rather lumpy and slightly frustrating. I think the problem was that I finished FiP feeling challenged, confident and ready to continue with further challenges. I had a fully functioning blog and was confident in my ability to make self-directed research and work, with an established study regime. I found starting EYV to be slightly underwhelming by contrast, at least creatively. I think it must be a result of having a course that is inclusive to all comers, and really that’s a good thing. I know I didn’t put quite as much effort into all the early EYV exercises as I did into the FiP exercises, because it seemed as if less was expected. Obviously this is down to me and not any particular shortcomings in the course, which I think would have absorbed me from day 1 had I not had the benefits of doing the FiP course first. EYV is also much lighter in terms of the number of exercises, but I think gradually there is more scope for detailed research.

So I was excited about getting to Assignment 1, which was more in line with the work I was used to doing. Less prescriptive with plenty of space for research. It was interesting to revisit Square Mile as it is also the first FiP assignment, and I had also reworked it for the Admissions project. I enjoyed researching it again and taking a completely fresh approach. I had no idea where my tutor’s expectations would sit – whether or not my work would be assessed on the basis that I’d already done FiP and therefore ought to be of a reasonable standard. Tutor feedback has somewhat put my mind at rest and I am once again excited about the possibilities offered, especially by working with a new tutor who is introducing me to new practitioners and guiding my reading. I think, at least for the early parts of this course, that it’s the research and the assignments that will be the most engaging for me. I am looking forward to reworking A1, based on my tutor’s feedback and suggestions. I will do the research first and then reshoot following that, before evaluating and repeating.


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