End of part reflections – Part 2

I was not thrilled with much of my project work for this part. 2.4 and 2.6 made me happy but much of the rest leaves me slightly embarrassed to have it on a public blog, it feels far less adventurous than the equivalents were on the Foundation course. Consequently, rightly or wrongly, I feel far less invested in the exercises in this course. That said I appreciate the need for the exercises to be done so will continue to do them and hope to be better inspired as I move beyond the overlap between the courses. I still have one exercise to finish for this part which I shall wrap up with some Part 3 project work over the next week or two.

The assignment was completely different and far more engaging. I relished being able to have a more creative input and a broader brief to work to. I felt as if I was making my own work again. Having started to establish a relationship with my tutor after A1 also helped me to feel more confident about returning to a more creative and risk-driven approach. I very much engaged with, and enjoyed, the different research paths available to me and this helped me to produce an assignment that I felt benefitted from my parallel research into photobooth work and the use of the smile in every day social media and advertising. My tutor’s research suggestions were bang-on and really helped me place my work in the context of the research I did. I am very excited about taking this work further and that is probably worth the lacklustre experience on the exercises.

Interestingly, I had mentioned my plans for this assignment to my Foundations tutor who led the Conceptual Art study visit that I went on in August. He was interested in the work and asked me to send a link when it was finished. He commented that this was also an idea that I’d tried on the FiP course, in Exercise 3.8 Rephotographing. This similarity had completely escaped me, obviously the beginning of the idea was there then, although it’s less about the smile at that stage. Really interesting.

The Skype and follow-up notes feedback from A2 was very helpful indeed and I look forward to getting more feedback this way in future. Similarly, it was helpful to discuss my ideas for A3 in real time and to finish the call with a convincing shortlist that I could now consider with confidence. I am very much looking forward to making A3.

I am trying to ramp up my study visits and reading, and am consequently behind with blogging them. I found the suggested reading at the end of A1 to be very helpful. Stephen Bull’s Photography was very clearly written and accessible. Girls! Girls! Girls! I am still reading, it is very absorbing and helpful to my work. It was good to read it on the way to a study visit, then walk into the Photographers’ Gallery and see work by the artists that I’d just been reading about.


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