Exercise 3.3

The first part of this exercise requires that I view the timeframes of a camera by taking the back off a manual film camera and looking to see what the shortest duration is that an image can be perceived by my eye in daylight. Sadly, my husband’s old film camera won’t work any more, my Polaroid only works with film in (and has no adjustable shutter speeds) and my Lomography camera has film in. I’ll look out for a cheap manual camera on ebay or in a charity shop.

returning to this in August, thanks to the generosity of another OCA student I have acquired an Olympus OM-1. So I tried this exercise.

First, I was accidentally adjusting the ISO speed rather than the shutter speed. That sorted, I found that I couldn’t actually distinguish much of the image any faster than 1/15th second. I’m going to try again tomorrow. It made me realise that even slow shutter speeds are actually quite nippy. Update – I retried, and could possibly work at 1/30th second. This doesn’t feel very good, but fortunately even my eclectic basic cameras can see images at far faster speeds than me!

The second part of the exercise was more straightforward. Once again, I’d done something familiar in the Foundations course where I’d identified and separated out the foreground, midground and background elements of a photograph. For this image, I looked at the bannisters in the foreground leading to the window sill and chaise longue in the midground with the sky and the neighbours driveway in the background. I raised the ISO slightly and shot the image in programme mode. I feel that I should say that the curtain rail is crooked in real life, not just in the photograph.



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