End of part reflections – part 4

This part has had its ups and downs for me.

I took a slightly different approach here, the work is getting newer for me as I move past the technical overlap with the foundation course. I very much enjoyed exercises 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5 and the assignment was quite different. I am making use of the OCA discussion board and decided to take a much lighter touch with my research for A4. Rather than pretty much turning the internet inside out before picking up my camera I decided to go with just two overarching inspirations – Nick Turpin’s Night Bus series and a quote from the FT. I only added in one other image and a phone interview with a specialist. My A4 topic was a wild card, but I went out with the camera anyway, over and over, and am largely happy with how the work turned out. I’m learning to take more responsibility for how I feel about the course. Exercise 4.2 was not a strong one at all, but I think there is a decent concept there. The lesson for me is how to make good work on something that I don’t feel engaged with. I suppose I need to change the subject/angle until I do feel engaged, either that or make a better job of a bad job. I was absolutely blown away by the film In the Mood for Love and suspect that will influence my work for some time.

The mechanics are all there, I am happy with my study method and my blog and I am confident of, and looking forward to, finishing EYV in the early summer and preparing for assessment. I am looking forward to the Format Festival study visit, as this will give me a weekend to soak up inspiration and meet new people. I plan to start my rework once A4 is submitted, and I have a couple of ideas for A5 which are surviving testing. I can see how my work is improving as a result of the feedback received on earlier parts of the course, and that is very satisfying. For example, I am taking many more photographs now so that I can have a strong pool of candidate images to select from. I had my sensor professionally cleaned, but sadly they missed a bit, and I am looking to buy a copy stand and a mini-tripod.

I am still very unsure of my study path with the OCA and this is colouring my work. I have been continuing my work with photographs as objects (documented on my blog under Research & Reflections Riffs & Impro) and this is causing me to wonder if I should be moving to the Creative Arts pathway to broaden my influences and give me a wider range of materials and formats to work with. There are a couple of options I could explore as a second subject area that would let me work with more media – either textiles or the forthcoming new courses on Visual Dynamics and Visual Skills. Except they are not launched yet, and there is no guarantee that they would be available by the time I finish Creative Arts Today. If I am going to switch I need to do it now so that I can get the right selection of L1 courses with my remaining two choices.

update 23/3 – I’ve been discussing possibilities with OCA support who have been incredibly helpful. I am happy to say that I have a way forward with this now. All I need to do is decide, but with rather less time pressure.


3 thoughts on “End of part reflections – part 4

  1. Catherine March 23, 2017 / 11:46 am

    I wonder if there’s anyone at OCA that you could have a longer talk with regarding options you can follow.

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    • Kate March 23, 2017 / 2:37 pm

      I’ve had a terrifically helpful correspondence with Eddie in the office and am now very happy that there is a way forward for me that doesn’t prematurely shut down any options, should I choose to take it. I have mentioned it to my tutor and will discuss it at my next feedback session. I’m considering contacting my FiP tutor too, as I know he works across multiple creative disciplines as well as tutoring in photography. I am in a much happier place today. Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it.


      • Catherine March 23, 2017 / 3:24 pm

        Oh that’s good and I’m pleased you’ve found what could be a positive option. Look forward to reading about it in due course.

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