Exercise 2.7 deep depth of field

Why yes, this exercise is rather late. I did try it at the time, and encountered every problem listed in the blurb. I started wondering if my camera was cleverly engineered to ignore the laws of optics and physics and be the only budget dslr to offer bokeh at f22. Now looking down the barrel of A5 and willing to do anything other than attempt making a handmade book (what if it doesn’t work?) it was time to try it again.

My first attempt was with the array of my daughter’s Disney Infinity figures. Tripod, remote shutter release, long exposures… results not bad in terms of front to back focus but not really a decent image. I put the camera in the back of the car along with my climbing gear, and took a few images of the traverse wall and lockers after a climbing session. It was busy, so I didn’t use the tripod but instead upped the ISO and braced myself against the wall.  I worked with my wide-angle lens and the narrowest apertures I could. I tried to remember what I’d learned about hyperfocal distances – basically if you focus in between the scene and you, the in focus distance will be greater than you expect.

My selects are the following two shots, though the focus is still nothing to write home about. I need to retry on a quieter day with a tripod.

ex2.7 dof-7218

ex2.7 dof-7226


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