About me

I’m studying Express Your Vision with the Open College of the Arts. I’ve completed the Foundations course – you can see it here – and am keen to learn more. My student number is 513940. I show my workings out and samples over on Instagram. I’m based in Wiltshire UK with my partner and daughter. What else? I  play tenor sax in a jazz/blues trio and have a bit of a thing for textiles too.

I photograph the familiar and the forgotten from my feminist perspective;  and I work with fronts, insides, backs, middles and as many dimensions as I can muster. I use a Canon 100D digital SLR and my favoured lenses are a 50mm prime and 100mm macro, though I have a few others to choose from too. I work in the dark with a travel tripod and a cabled shutter release. I also use a Sainsburys PhotoMe booth, a Polaroid 600 and my daughter’s Fuji Instax. Finally, I was the fortunate recipient of an Olympus OM1 which is awaiting repair before I try it out with some black and white film.


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